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TWA has formed a great working relationship with The Bexar County Roller Derby Girls and Monster Burger.  The Bexar County Roller Derby Girls have their bouts on the southwest side of town off of I-410 at the Traders's Village Flea Market.  You can join us after every show at Monster Burger on Pleasanton Rd right across the street from Harlandale High School.


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In the final show of the year,  TWA wrestlers put on one hell of a show.  From the debut of Terrell Tempo and Brandon Riot and the crowning of a NEW Texas Wrestling Champion twice in one night.  Madness finally reaches the top.  While Sinsational Sal turns on TWA.  And yes the return of the suspended Beast Bain.  This was the show you had to be at.

GOLD ENVY IV December 13.

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A year and half Moonshine Mantell has been eye the North American Title, he finally gets his shot.  At what cost though,  he has been come a changed man.  They say gold does that to you.  NORTH AMERICAN HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Alex Reigns v Moonshine Mantell.  TEXAS WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP on the line as (C) Gabe the Babe v Madness.  TWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS The Dagger Brothether v The Revelution (Scotty Santiago/Rey Ortiz).  Along with Rudyboy Gonzalez, Total Pimp, Logan Shellaby, KVN Knight, and making their TWA debut Terrell Tempo and Brandon Riot. 


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August 9, TWA will bring to you Summer Bash III.  Already signed and confirmed Rudy Russo v North American Heavyweight Champion Alex Reigns.  The Dagger Brothers will finally get their chance at the TWA Tag team titles when they face the Champions The Corner.  RudyBoy Gonzalez finally gets his hands on TWA Texas Wrestling Champion Gabe The Babe.  Also MASK v MASK  Lemus II v Lucian Kross. Madness v Beast Bain and Moonshine Mantell v Chris Marvel.  One hell of a line up for Summer Bash III.


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Yes ACH(Albert Hardie) humble beginnings started with us Texas Wresting Association.  We have seen him grow and blossom in the business of wrestling.  Working with other companies to hone his skills like ACW, CHIKARA, CZW, CZW, DRAGON GATE USA, NWA AND RING OF HONOR.  TWA is proud of you.


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In resent months the North American Heavyweight Champion has been injured do to wrestling injuries.  Rudyboy Gonzalez the number one contender faced one of the original men who made it to the final, but could not compete due to travel problem Alex Reigns.  Alex Reigns in a great match out lasted Rudyboy Gonzalez to win the North American Heavyweight Champion.  In the shocker of the night when Gabe the Babe became a three times Texas Wrestling Champion, when he defeat Chris Marval.  New challenges and challengers will be coming for the title.


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With the influx of talent that has been coming to TWA the roster has expanded.  Talent from Houston, Puerto Rico, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arizona have been debuting and working with the TWA to bring the fans great indy wrestling entertainment.  More talent is soon to come.


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Breaking  new TWA will host the FIRST Best of Three Challenge Series between  CHRIS MARVEL AND RUDYBOY GONZALEZ!!!!!!  These matches will take place in three different locations.  We here at TWA are honor to host the FIRST of the BEST OF THREE!!!!!

New Faces/New Talent!!!!!!!!

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As TWA becomes better and better, so does the talent.  Pretty Boy Ocho, Hot Rod Jay and MADNESS??????  Yes a Madness from Laderdo made their appearance at TWA.  Laredo Madness made a quick impact confronting TWA's Madness and has vowed to return to issue a special challenge.  Will TWA's Madness accept???

6 Man Tag Main Event on October 12!!!!!!!

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HELLS CREW has made an impact and quick.  After numerous chair shots to the TWA Texas Wrestling Champion Kevin Dagger and Retired TWA Wrestler CJ Xavier, Xavier has decided to return to the TWA ring for one more match.  TWA team will consisted of TWA Texas Champion Kevin Dagger, CJ Xavier and Madness versus HELLS CREW Mr. Prestigious, Alex Drazen and Ha-Sheem Akbar Farat.  Be there October 12.